Living Hope Baptist Church

About Us

    At Living Hope, we like to make everyone feel welcome, but even most important we want you to feel at home.  Our main goal is to grow both in number and spiritually.  We are always extending our invitation to anyone that wants to come and visit.  Our Pastor, Dr. Danny Gardner preaches his heart out.  It doesn't matter if he is well or sick, if he can talk he is going to preach the word of God, straight out the King James Version Bible.
     We are an "Old Fashioned" church and love to hear the word of God.  We sing songs in the Southern Gospel style.  We have some very talented singers that will touch your heart and give you a blessing.   We have singers as young as five and to see how serious they are to sing to you about God gives you an awesome feeling.
     Our Youth are very important to us.  We try to keep them active with events each month.  The ages of our Youth Group are 5 to 18.  We have events at least twice a month.  Sometimes it may be Putt Putt, bowling or staying at the church and playing games.  Whatever it may be, we all have a great time in fellowship.  On Wednesday nights, we take the Youth to the Fellowship Hall.  This gives them a sense of "freedom" having their own service without the adults.  We have the "Youth Praise Nights" which is what we call our Wednesday night services.   These services are lead by Darlene Dunkle, Youth Director and Assistant Pastor Bobby Flowers.  Bobby starts out with his sermon, followed by games and fellowship. 
     We currently have the "YAG" competition in play.  YAG is Youth Activity Games.    We have the youth divided into four teams.  We will be starting  a new round  in September!  The teams have to compete in various ways to earn points.  Some of the ways are; 

Having their Bibles
Bringing a Visitor

Game Competitions

This not only teaches the youth about Jesus, but shows them that church can be a fun place to be. 
We also have Children's Church for ages 5 to 11 on Sunday mornings and evenings.
    A new group recently started is for the married couples.  They will be meeting once a month with times TBA.  
   We take an interest in our visitors.  We ask that they fill out a Visitor Information Card so we can keep in touch.  We have weekly visitation so that we can get in contact with our visitors and extend the invitation to come back to our church, but  most importantly we want to make sure that if you're not saved, we tell you how you can accept God's gift of salvation.